Volunteer, Skate, Fashion, Repeat: Intern Recaps X-Games Weekend

The X-Games made its second appearance in Austin, Texas this weekend from June fourth to June seventh. Tons of great events go down during this packed event but if you’re anything like me, you’re there for three main things: volunteer opportunities, women’s street skating, and summer fashions.  This recap will give you a look into great companies with volunteer opportunities, what happened during the women’s street finals, and how you can get fashion inspirations from your favorite athletes and the people around you!

One of the great things about the X-Games is how it brings tons of different people together for a short weekend of fun. People come from all over the country to be a part of this event, including action sports based companies. Boarding 4 Breast Cancer (b4bc.org) is one of the awesome companies that sets up an informative booth during this time. They emphasize that a healthy and active lifestyle is the best form of cancer prevention so X-Games creates a great opportunity to spread that word to people of all ages. B4BC Leticia X-Games Signing In between volunteer hours, I was able to check out the women’s street competition. The street course at the X-Games this year was amazing and had tons of rails, a giant stair set, large transitions, and even a rooftop platform to go off of. It really allowed the women show off their rad tricks as well as their ability to skate everything! Alexis Sablone Kickflip at the X-Games Alexis Sablone was this year’s gold medalist while Pamela Rosa won silver and Vanessa Torres won bronze. All the women competing this year definitely showcased different styles that made this event particularly fun to watch. Marisa Dal Santo kept it old school with no-complies while Lacey Baker showed off her flip tricks. Marisa dal Santo Ollie at X-GamesFor those that missed the competition, ESPN has recaps and video clips for all the events that happened this weekend. Other sites such as Mahfia TV, Girls Skate Network, and Mimi Knoop’s Instagram will also have great content coverage soon!

After watching a lot of events and wandering around the X-Games area, it was great to see tons of different summer outfits. Personally, I am always inspired most by the lady shredders. Leticia had a bunch of colorful workout tights from Nike, which are lightweight and protect your skin from the blazing Texas sun. It keeps her look fun, girly, and colorful while standing out as well! Leticia Bufoni flying high all day long! Mariah Duran sported a white baseball tee from Meow Skateboards to show support for her sponsors. This is a pretty important aspect in the skateboarding and fashion world; tons of skate companies make great graphic tees and when you buy those tees you help that company while simultaneously spreading the word about them!  Wearing white is also important during the summer since white reflects light and keeps you cool as opposed to absorbing light and retaining heat. Lacey and Alana chose to wear white shirts with dark bottoms, keeping their look simple but practical for the summer heat. One of my favorite things to do during the summer though is throw on a baseball cap and pair some high socks with shorts. It’s a cute and sporty look for girls, whether you skate or not, and socks give you the option to add some extra style to a simple outfit. X-Games Austin, Texas

The 2015 X-Games experience was amazing and while I didn’t get to attend every event, I experienced a lot of great moments with amazing people. Being able to help others through volunteering, meeting my skate heroes, and seeing so many cute outfits was the best way to kick off my summer!

X-Games Vert Ramp

Did you go to the X-Games this year and if not, what athletes would you have wanted to run into while walking around?  Thanks for reading everyone, and remember to be the rad you want to see in the world!

-Marisa, BE THE RAD Social Media Intern

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