She Shreds … And Looks Good Doing It Too! 

For all the adventure seekers, passionate shredders, fierce mermaids and boundless summit trekkers… we get you. And we understand that those feelings cannot be tamed and nor should they ever be.

Luckily, we are living in a generation that embraces the fearless girl and Gina Duffy, Founder of SHESHREDS.CO., is cultivating a society of rad girls who can shred if they want to and feel damn good doing it.

Get to know bad ass Gina and her story of how her brand SheShred.Co, is changing the fate and fashion of the fearless. Shred on, Sisters. Shred on!

Gina Duffy (photo provided by Gina)

[Krystal from BE THE RAD] Hey Gina, so stoked to interview you for our lifestyle blog. Tell us about SheShreds.Co. What inspired you to start it and how has it grown?

[Gina] I come from an advertising and marketing background. I had been working at an agency in downtown Chicago and was burnt out for a while. I have also worked closely with my husband’s companies in experiential marketing INCLUDING creative content, environmental design and talent styling ALONG WITH wakeboard & wakesurf coaching for his action sports events. Those were always the opportunities that have been very fulfilling for me.

Living in Chicago we were always finding ourselves going far away from the city to do the things we loved. After our last snowboard vacation to Utah in 2012, we decided we need a change and we completely uprooted our lives and moved to the side of Powder Mountain to have instant access to the sports that we loved and nourished our soul.

sheshreds Gina Duffy snowboarding 2016 blog

Moving here [to Powder Mountain] was so inspiring. I started thinking if I could make that crazy move happen to live where I vacationed…what else was possible?!?  I really wanted my career to be something that I was passionate about. What was the next phase of my life going to look like?

I love fashion and I’m also a die hard action sports fanatic. But, what was I going to do with those two passions? What a random combination!

One day after a hike while resting on what I now call my “inspiration” rock and looking out over Ogden Valley,  I realized what I really wanted to do and that is when was born.

We [SheShreds] wanted to truly build a community for females involved in these sports. I heard so many times from other girls, “but I never have any girl friends to ride with!”. So we are changing that by building a brand and company that supports and nurtures their passions.

SheShreds- Group Shot

We want the SheShreds logo to be an international symbol meaning “United We Shred”, a symbol of sisterhood and shared stoked to shred.  We believe that the more SheShreds grows eventually, no matter where you are in the world, you ALWAYS have someone to ride with who shares the SheShreds ethos, to be cool, be kind and shred on!  We’re getting there!

A really cool recent example, two of our ambassadors literally ran into each other in the backwoods of Canada hiking…literally a needle in a haystack in such a hugely vast desolate area. They “bumped” into each other and ended up spending the day together! The Sheshreds girls have this amazing vibe and are drawn to each other even in the most remote of places!


[Krystal] The concept of uniting female shredders is so cool! What a trip that two of your ambassadors would run into each other randomly. Have you come across any struggles (with managing/growing SheShreds) and if so how did you over come them?
[Gina] Wow so many! Anyone can have a good idea for a business …truly following through with it and making it a reality is EXTREMELY difficult.  Just putting yourself out there and your dream is very scary makes you extremely vulnerable.  I just keep putting positive vibes out there and always putting out a positive message and for the most part that’s what we get back. Positivity attracts positive amazing opportunities and people. That has been a key factor in how we do things.

Gina Duff Behind the Scenes - SheShredsCo

I had to overcome my fear of public speaking…you kind of have to be able to talk about yourself, your business and mission anytime to anyone at a moment’s notice. Including TV! I almost passed out from anxiety the first time I had to be on TV. But the more you do anything the less scary it is.

Struggle hard with delegating! I want to do everything myself but it’s not possible. I had to realize I can’t do everything and certainly can’t do it alone. I have to entrust people with my vision. Also, I am not an expert at everything that is entailed with running and growing a business and that’s okay, I don’t have to be. Asking for help, advice, etc. is not a sign of weakness…it’s brilliant and I wish I had started doing that a long time ago.


[Krystal] I totally agree that your vibe attracts your tribe and by the looks of your tribe you are a pretty rad person! To your second point, it is easy to dream but to turn that into a reality is really difficult. That being said, it is inspiring to see all your success. What’s your favorite thing about SheShreds.Co?
[Gina] Our ambassadors! This is the biggest and most important component to our company, also the most rewarding.

As girls and women gravitated to our brand, we introduced an Ambassador and Sponsorship program that now spans 41 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, Dominican, Argentina, New Zealand, U.K., Europe and Australia supporting and helping groom girls who want to be competitive athletes and make an impact in other areas of these male dominated industries.  These girls are the voice of this brand, they are shaping the future of the brand and these girls ARE the brand. They are making it their own, finding support in their shared passions during the lowest lows and highest highs. We’ve built a safe and welcoming environment for them to connect with one another and to share their lives and adventures.

It’s extremely important to me for girls and women to find us through one of the other girls experiences with SheShreds. For me, buying an ad in a magazine isn’t going to capture the personal story or emotion behind our message. I want the girl who lived out of her car to be close to the mountain to tell others how SheShreds affected her life!  I want the girls who are out there riding every day to introduce us to others in their own way, with their own words, telling their own story about what SheShreds means to them.

Our ambassadors also tell another important story for us…that the everyday girl who rides and is super passionate about her sports and the lifestyle are JUST as important as the elite athletes to continue growing these sports for females! It’s all about INCLUSION for us. I want other girls who maybe haven’t tried some of these sports to see other girls just having FUN. It doesn’t have to be all serious and you don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay to fall because it’s about picking yourself up and trying again and again, it’s about pushing past your fears. That’s the real core of these sports and the community we are building and why one of our most important messages that truly resonates with the girls is “Fate Loves The Fearless”!


[Krystal] RIGHT ON! I love that quote! Sounds like being an ambassador is more than just getting free swag. Ambassadors are a community that supports, encourages and inspires one another! LOVE IT! So, how can someone become an ambassador?
[Gina] The most important qualities I look for in an ambassador is PASSION and POSITIVITY!  Some of our girls have overcome near death car crashes and told they would never walk again or debilitating heart disease and these sports are what gave them purpose. Some have lived out of their cars to have access to the sports that they live for. These are the girls I want to showcase and give a voice to. We love girls that are making an impact in the industry, weather it’s competing, coaching, putting together ride days, working the camps, working kids to get them involved in these sports. We want girls who want to spread the stoke and belong to a sisterhood.

It’s been amazing to see how much the girls support each other. Some have become best friends who live on opposite ends of the world and plan trips to visit each other. Girls who live right near each other who’ve never met and now they have a rad chick to ride with and go on adventures! Love watching this happen on a daily basis!

We have an amazing ambassador coordinator, Sara Poncelt who the girls can reach out to via email. (  Send us a paragraph about what you’re into, where you live, your social media, pics and vids!


[Krystal] Okay Gina, back to personal questions, what is your favorite outdoor activity and why?
[Gina] I moved to the mountains to snowboard. There’s something about being on top of the mountain and it does something to your soul that I cannot explain. The feeling of snowboarding in fresh powder is ethereal, like you’re floating above the earth.  The most amazing feeling ever. I am lucky enough to live 5 minutes from a chair lift and 5 minutes to a beautiful reservoir lake where I can wakesurf. I love wakesurfing it’s so chill and yet so fun at the same time!  Hiking, off-roading, mountain biking, zip lines…I pretty much love any action/adventure activity and I live in the epicenter in a pristine mountain valley in Norther Utah.

 Gina snowboarding

gina duffy wakeboarding sheshreds

[Krystal] Okay, so I am officially jealous of your life! I want to be more like you. Let’s start with the easy stuff I can copy.  What’s one thing that is always in your travel bag and why?
[Gina] Sunscreen! I know, boring but being up at higher altitudes most of the time you are much closer to the sun and it can really zap you quickly without realizing it. I learned that really fast my first summer in Utah.

A Hoodie, even in the summer…I hate air conditioning, it’s always cold, you can use it as a pillow a blanket, put the hood up if you don’t want to be social.

A SheShreds Snapback; it’s kind of sunscreen for your face if you actually don’t have sunscreen with you, you don’t really have to do your hair if you wear one and girls who wear them always look like they’re up for some cool adventure. LOL!

 Sheshreds fall 2016 apparel
[Krystal] Sweet, I can check out your new fall gear and pick up some of your essentials! One last question before we wrap it up.. What does BE THE RAD mean to you?
[Gina] To me, it means seeing something that needs to change and TRULY doing something about it. Whether it’s getting involved in a charity, a movement, starting a business, putting positivity out there…even if it’s just to smile at another person and invite them to join you hike, snowboard, skateboard, whatever it may be…CONNECT with someone you don’t know.
SheShreds Winter 2016 rebels Unite

[Krystal] Thanks for sharing Gina. You get our mission and we LOVE that you are out there living the #BETHERAD lifestyle and helping to cultivate positive change! So tell us all how can we support SheShreds.Co and get our hands on some gear?


[Gina] Follow us and tag us on Social Media! We love sharing posts of girls being rad!

Snapchat: SheShredsco

Reach out to Sara ( about becoming an ambassador…we love girls who have a Be The Rad attitude!

You can shop our site and use code RAD to get 15% Off all SheShreds merch!

(photo credit: All photos have been provided by SheShreds.Co for use in this article)


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