Inspiration from 2000 feet: the Colorado Radgirl

Hawaii has a big place in my heart. For the past 5 years my boyfriend and I have been visiting the island for a few weeks every year. We are lucky our friend Delshay lives there- he is always a good adventure guide. I visited Kauai and Maui when I was younger and absolutely loved it. However, nothing compares to the Big Island. I give credit to this island and a particular hike for sparking my adventure bug several years ago. 

I have always enjoyed being outside but have never had such an appetite to explore until I went on the ‘white road” hike. Everything about this adventure is always exciting. The drive there, through the town of Waimea, is incredible-one of coolest little towns. The hike through a magical forest filled with bamboo and eucalyptus is something out of fairy tale. However, nothing can compare to the view of the Waipio Valley from the top of this hike.The conditions at the top of the valley are mind blowing. Over 2,000 feet high and on small patches of the Earth at the top of the valley. The first time we came here Delshay warned us to keep room in between people so we didn’t create a landslide and fall off the edge.  Crazy!   This place has taught me that’s it’s okay to be scared of something and still conquer it. Truthfully this place is so high and seemingly dangerous that I usually have a few minutes of vertigo and maybe cry a little on the inside. I have always been fearful of heights, ironically enough, I love to hike and climb. I suppose that’s part of the thrill.
The last time I did this hike was several years ago and just did it again a few weeks ago. This time was equally as breath taking as the last and left me basking in the bliss of this incredible place. No where I have ever been has made me feel the way this place does. I am grateful to have had this place open my eyes to adventure and bite me with the adventure bug!
Thank you for reading! Stay Rad friends!

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