Get Surf Ready by Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and while you are starting to think about getting bikini ready, you may also want to ask yourself “are you surf session ready?”.

Whether it is ocean, wake, or SUP surfing, you’ll want your bod in tip top condition to own those summer waves.


There are countless of ways you can improve your strength, stability and endurance. I have researched several workouts for surfing and found four ways to get primed by summer time. These exercises include both aerobic exercise and strength training.

Resistance Training.

You can get creative with resistance training but if you are just starting out simply use free weights at home or in your local gym. If it is your first time doing this type of workout talk to a trainer to get your movements right. Personally, I turn to my go to action sports trainer and bad ass skater and surfer Michelle Barnett (@livefitbarnett) for guidance on getting my movement just right.

If you don’t have a trainer, YouTube and Google are great resources to educate yourself. When using free weights, start slowly and use light weights at first to avoid injuring your muscles. I like to use resistance bands to workout the triceps and biceps. Hello surfer guns!

Resistance Training


Swimming.. Duh

I am no expert on swimming but I am told that the front crawl is one of the best ways to improve paddle power so hit your local swimming pool to kick start your swim training. I wouldn’t recommend starting out in the ocean or a lake because you have mother nature’s power working against you and you need to toughen up before you play in her world. Developing strong shoulder muscles, a strong core and strong lower back muscles is key to stabilizing your paddling technique and will allow you to make those waves your biotch.

Swimming - Mermaid - BE THE RAD


Strength & Balance Training:

Stronger legs help you stay balanced and in control of your board. Whether you are a high-performance surfer or just getting started, single leg squats will develop the core, hip, and leg strength to perform at your best. Our fitness ambassador (@sarahvfit) demonstrated proper technique for lunges during last years beach workout photo shoot in Laguna Beach.

Lunges - BE THE RAD

For upper body, you can’t go wrong with push ups and burpees (I hate those but they do wonders).

Here is a SICK burpee inspired workout that helps melt away winter lbs and get’s me in shape for quick pop ups on the board. Warning, this fitness instructor in the vid is super legit! She incorporates the strength training with HIIT and will kick your butt doing it!

HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training” which is awesome for combining aerobic and strength training exercises while maximizing your calorie burning.

HIIT Training

Speaking of HIIT, this technique is the fourth recommended way for getting ready for your upcoming surf sessions. Surfing for extended periods of time requires full body endurance (the currents can get pretty gnarly right). Surf training should include some kind of endurance training that will prepare your body for extended periods of energy production. That is where HIIT comes in.

Some ideas for HIIT exercises
  • Running
  • Jump Roping
  • Rowing
  • Boxing


For more challenging HIIT workouts try this 10 minutes to tighter abs and a stronger core HIIT video from POP SUGAR which includes exercises like planks, push ups, jumping jacks and other great exercises that strengthens your flexibility and abs – all essential workouts for surfers in the making.

Think you are up for the “not so challenging” challenge of getting Surf ready? Let’s do this!


What are your tips for getting surf session ready?

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