Shredding Some Light on a Skateboarding Yogi

Be the Rad is more than just a statement, it’s a lifestyle and we believe that Bridget Gamble exemplifies what it means to Be the Rad.

Hey everyone, it’s Marisa with Be The Rad! I recently caught up with ambassador Bridget for an interview and she gave us some insight on her awesome life. She was born in Santa Monica, California and from a young age, was exposed to yoga and skateboarding. Since these things have always been a part of her life, she realized that while the practices may seem dissimilar, they are more in common than most would think. “They both help you commit to the present moment, they both allow freedom for individual expression AND neither one requires you to practice in a group (but of course you do, because it’s so much fun)” Bridget tells us in her interview. She continues by saying that “yoga has helped me find balance, skateboarding has helped me face my fears. My greatest joy is spreading this gift to others”, which reminds all of us what being rad is all about—using your passions to bring joy to others.

Bridget has been surrounded by yoga and skateboarding her whole life so she is using these two passions to fuel her plans for the future. She has taught yoga clinics at Amelia Brodka’s Exposure Skate event-the largest girls skate competition in the world.

In 2011, Bridget started Yoga for Skateboarding after becoming a certified yoga instructor and returning home to Venice Beach, which had a brand new skate park. “All my friends were always hanging out there so the class started as a way for me to practice teaching on my friends” she said, which led to some specialized adaptations in Bridget’s practices.

“I created sequences with lots of modifications for injuries and special attention to the joints and imbalances typical in skateboarders”, which can ultimately help improve your all around balance, keep your joints healthy, and make falling easier. Believe it or not, being flexible in skateboarding can help prevent injuries such as tears in knee ligaments. Fear not though, Bridget mentioned that her yoga class isn’t just for skateboarders! “All types of people come now. All ages, all skill levels, skateboarders and non-skateboarders , we even had a few dogs drop in” which sounds pretty rad to me! Bridget’s Venice Beach class has been dubbed “Downward Dogtown” and is a donation-based class, so if you like yoga or skateboarding or both, Bridget’s class is the place for you.


Not only is Bridget’s Yoga for Skateboarding drawing in all kinds of people who are ready to learn and get active, but she has some big plans for June.

“We are going to Cuba for Go Skateboarding Day 2016! I was inspired to go because my friend Kevin of Skate Brooklyn (#Namaskate) went with his family last year… We will be meeting up with our friends at Amigo Skate Cuba who just launched their female counterpart, Amiga Skate Yoga” Bridget says, which gets us beyond stoked.

The government in Cuba is very different from the US, and because of this, local skateboarders often rely on donations to achieve their passions. The lack of skate shops seems bad enough to keep the skate scene from growing, but with the help of people like Bridget and the amazing organizations like Amigo Skate Cuba, the locals have the opportunity to shred and be a part of a creative community. “We will be bringing yoga + skateboarding equipment from Silly Girl Skateboards, art supplies, clothing (donated by Be The Rad and others) and anything else that will inspire these kids to create and express themselves” she says, encouraging others to donate products for this trip.

Donations can be sent to Bridget directly at or to the link,

Bridget reminds us that true happiness is found when you share your passions with others. Whether you are helping someone learn to drop in, leading a yoga session, donating to a good cause, or helping bring a smile to someone’s face, being the rad is about spreading the stoke. Joy is contagious and Bridget is a prime example of how to be the rad, spread the stoke, and create happiness for all! Namaskate!


Written by Marisa Garcia

Photos and interview provided by Bridget Gamble

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