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The most difficult things in life can turn from impossible to possible with encouragement, inspiration and the right guidance from an inspiring expert. When it comes to a healthy mind and body BE THE RAD knows some amazing people around the world that are not only inspiring but also live by the BE THE RAD mantra. Amanda Mason is one of those people. Amanda, currently living in Costa Rica, is a nutrition and fitness coach, personal trainer and motivator of being your best self from the inside out. I took a moment to catch up with her outside the gym to learn what makes her such a rad girl.


What inspires you?

I find inspiration in starting something that I may not know how to finish; Seeing or doing something that has an unpredictable outcome; Being challenged and overcoming those challenges, whether they are physical or mental. When I complete [fitness competitions], or overcome something I once thought was difficult, that inspires me.

I am also inspired by photography, by people who aren’t scared to be themselves, by nature, by inexplicable moments; by different ways of living and culture of the world; I am inspired by the thought of one life and that if these are the moments I get, I am certainly going to make them RAD.

What’s your favorite place to visit?

Any place I have not yet discovered. A new road, a new country, a new trail or a new city – there’s an excitement having no idea where the path leads or what views are around the corner, wherever that is… those are my favorite places to visit.

IMG_7237If you could get a free all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

That’s a toughie. Right now I’m going to have to say Morocco. I love learning about new cultures, I haven’t seen one picture that doesn’t have at least 8 bright colors in it and taking a camel to go find surf is just plain cool.


What’s one thing that is always in your travel bag and why?

Gym shoes is #1 and #2 would be a bikini. You can do and see any place you visit if you have these two items. When I travel you will find me exploring and discovering views and areas by climbing, running, flying, hiking, biking, boarding or in the sea paddling, surfing, swimming; To me, the fun of travel lies in the adventure of discovering.


What is one word that describes you?

Unscripted // hence my Instagram name 😉

I choose to live life unscripted, without expectations and in the conscious moment. I’ve learned that what fulfills me is not an end all response or accomplishment but instead what fulfills me is an endless list of passions, desires, adventures and things that make me feel alive which both keep me with an open mind and challenge me, allowing continued growth. Find something you enjoy doing, an activity that makes you feel alive, and do it until it doesn’t make you feel that way, then try another. To me that is what life is about. Doing all and everything you can while you are here. Enjoy the journey. Live unscripted; the unknown creates adventure and in adventure lies consciousness, gratitude, discovery and belly laughs.


What does BE THE RAD mean to you?

To me, BE THE RAD means to be candidly, nakedly and outrageously you. Because the one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. Don’t be afraid to be unique; be RAD and live radically as you. (learn more about BE THE RAD)


Whats one piece of advice you like to give out?

Do what makes you feel alive. In the end time runs out and money will lose its value. Experiences and moments have no price. Travel. Love. Get lost. Life is not about the end all, be all, it is about ALL the in between stuff…. the journey. Don’t leave this life wondering “what if”. Learn your passions, desires and dreams… then go do them. Life is who we are.


How can we follow you?

Instagram: @Amuscripted
Facebook Page: Train With Amanda Mason


Interviewed by: Krystal

Photo Credit: All photos provided by Amanda

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