Adventures of a Colorado Radgirl: Random Adventures Lead to Inspiration

Last Sunday was sort of an “off” day. On Sundays I always, ALWAYS set aside time for happy things, fun times and adventure. I was unusually tired and worn out from the day and weeks before. The day before was a busy day so I had every right to be worn out. I had been out and about in the city for lunch with the family, some of them I haven’t seen in a while, then attended an awesome comedy show, strolled around town and then went out to celebrate a great friends’ birthday. The weeks leading up to I had been dealing with some heavy things. Lake season ended (which is minor, I know, it will start back up in May), still hard because Wake Surfing is my most favorite thing to do. My cousin died of heart failure, he had a donor heart and was not put back on the list for a second. My sister, who I love and adore, had her baby 3 weeks early and had a tough few days sick in the hospital before sweet baby Tula arrived. I had and have never been so consumed with worry, and hoping they were recovering and settled at home. My sister herself deserves mention as a rad girl I have never been so impressed and inspired by any one as I am by her (even before having Tula).

So there I was Sunday 1:30pm lounging around and being unproductive when it hit me, I need to get out and explore! I had been wanting to go back to a breathtaking place I had been to a few weeks back. So, I eagerly asked my boyfriend and our great friend, who is staying with us from Hawaii, to join me on a hike. We packed up and hit the road. In a little over an hour we were out of the city, we arrived at the St Mary’s glacier trailhead. We started the hike, I hadn’t expected so much snow but I was willing to take the challenge in my always inappropriate choice of shoes, which happened to be good sturdy boots – just unfortunately lacking any tread.

As we were hiking up to the lake and glacier I was pondering what I was going to write about for this blog. I am so honored and grateful to have the opportunity to write for BE THE RAD. The BE THE RAD motto is, “Be the rad you want to see in the world”! It hit me! I was doing just that. I had motivated myself to get out and be rad, even though lounging and being lazy would have been “easier”. After the hike up, which included a slippery fight between the ice and my hip bone I was sitting by the lake soaking in the beautiful mountain air and sunshine I realized I was the rad I would want to see in the world. I inspired myself and others to do rad things and made myself a happier person. Which in turn makes me want to continue to share the rad and good vibes with other people.


I always strive to spread good vibes. In my opinion it’s the small stuff that matters. Smiling at a stranger, being positive in all aspects of life, giving compliments to the girls I work with, helping anyone and everyone when the opportunity strikes and being there for the people. I also work with children all under the age of 6 so I spend a lot of time spreading good vibes to them. Whether it’s a big hug, a special treat or just one on one attention. Of course making sure they all know they are special and encouraging them to be great.

I gain so much peace of mind and feel so settled being in nature, so I needed that adventure and I loved every second of it. I also literally learned that when you fall it’s important to just get up and keep moving forward. I have some gnarly bruises to prove it. Spending time adventuring with rad people is always so good for the soul. Thanks to the dudes that came out that day and for making the rad possible. BE THE RAD YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

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