A RAD LIFESTYLE…It’s Seriously Easier Than You Think

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t always lived the conscious lifestyle…  I’ve recycled my fair share of cans and stopped buying bottled water but I’d always wondered what else I could do to protect the people, animals, and environment around me. Some great ways to be conscious of what you buy are looking into where your clothes come from and if your beauty and makeup products are cruelty free. If you’re like me and have no idea where to start, we’re going to set you up with a list of amazing companies that give the best example of what shopping consciously entails.

A summertime staple for girls is obviously a cute swimsuit, so lets start with KaiKini and EdenEco Bikinis! KaiKini creates bold and sexy swimwear with tons of colors and great styles for everyone to enjoy. Their apparel and bikinis are sweatshop free, fair trade, and eco friendly; this means KaiKini treats their employees well, buys fabrics from the US, and recycles/conserves paper and energy on the business side of things. EdenEco Bikinis are similar in that they create bikinis made from recycled polyester, which helps bring down the amount of wasted fabric in the world.

Madison is wearing a cute, purple EdenEco Bikini!
Madison is wearing a cute, purple EdenEco Bikini!

While KaiKini creates great, sweatshop free apparel, 3 Thirty is another great option! Not only do we keep animal products out of everything we sell, we also support 3 different charities every month by donating 30% of our sales to them. By supporting one humanitarian, animal, and environmental charity every month, we give back to the organizations that help keep this world a great place!

What cause would you support?
What cause would you support?

Beyond Beanies is another great company that supports families in Bolivia. Talented craftsman create one of a kind beanies, bags, panchos, and bracelets that give back to the community by providing meals, school supplies, and health care. For instance, one beanie purchase is the equivalent to 5 meals, so this company truly gives back to those who help create their quality products!

Want to spruce up your conscious living fashions with some awesome jewelry?  We’ve got you covered! All of the jewelry 3 Thirty sells is free of animal products and also supports our 3 causes every month. Pura Vida bracelets helps Costa Rican artisans sell unique and beautiful bracelets all over the US. They also support a “pure” lifestyle by giving back a portion of their sales to many environmentalist organizations. Another great company is The Giving Keys, which creates unique jewelry made with recycled keys and their profit supports causes that help give homeless and low-income families opportunities to obtain stable employment.

Sarah is wearing our 3 Thirty charm necklace.
Sarah is wearing our 3 Thirty charm necklace.

Finish off your outfit with some beautiful sandals from Sseko; this is an amazing company based in Uganda that supports women from all walks of life.  These talented women create amazing sandals and bags while obtaining a high enough income to attend university after working if they want to.

That covers the outfit of the day so let’s move on to beauty. You should check all your beauty products to make sure they are cruelty free (which means that they don’t test their products on animals). Burt’s Bees creates great, natural products that help people live consciously while staying environmentally friendly. There are great options for cruelty free cosmetics such as Too Faced cosmetics, Tarte, and Urban Decay, who do not test their products on animals. You can buy all the makeup you want from these popular companies and know that our furry friends are safe! Look for the bunny logo on the product box or check them on PETA.COMs website.

Cruelty Free Brands such as Too Faced, Tarte and Burt's Bees
Cruelty Free Brands such as Too Faced, Tarte and Burt’s Bees


With so many great brands that help you live the conscious lifestyle, it’s hard to mention them all!  But here are a few more great companies to keep an eye out for:

  • Arbor skateboards who help causes that replant trees and preserve forests, so you can skate around knowing that the awesome tree that made your skateboard has another one growing in it’s place.
  • Eco sunscreen is a biodegradable and reef safe sunscreen that won’t make you feel guilty about slapping on a bunch of layers.
  • People Water, which sells bottles of water that help provide clean drinking water to those in need of it.
  • OGX beauty products create recyclable shampoo and conditioner bottles while keeping business practices ethical and sound.
Amelia Brokda rides for Arbor skateboards!
3 Thirty supporter Amelia Brokda rides for Arbor skateboards!

If you think living consciously and shopping with the greater good is hard, just take a look at all these companies that are making it easy for us! Purchasing from these companies ensures that you are helping those in need, taking the extra steps to help our environment, and protecting animals from cosmetic testing.  We’ve barely scratched the surface of conscious companies in this blog post but thankful websites such as ShopConscious, 3 Thirty and theinertia.com are great for discovering more products and brands similar to our list!  Help us add to it, what are some of your favorite conscious companies to buy from?

Remember, wear clothes that give back, use products that cause no harm, live the conscious life, and stay rad everyone!


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