9 Rad Ways You Could Spend “Go Skate Day”

Go Skate Day, the day where skaters go and mob the streets and parks with tons of people that all like to do the same thing: skateboard. So the question is, what are you going to do to celebrate this day? Well, here are a few ideas for everyone, so grab your board and get ready!

1. Park Surfing: For those of you who love to skate transition, park surfing might be your best bet this Go Skate Day! Starting at one place and working your way up or down from park to park lets you travel and experience different types of transition.  The key here is to search and destroy, but most importantly, have fun wherever you go!

Amy Treadway
Amy with a Gnarly FS grind! She rides for OG Betty Skateboards!

2. Street Shredding: Go Skate Day falls on a Sunday so you know what that means… A lot of businesses will not be open making your favorite ledge or rail in front of the building a free for all! In addition, since June 21st is the longest day of the year, you have tons of daylight to keep you skating those fun spots until around 9pm. Go balls to the wall, skate some old spots, and maybe try out that new spot you’ve had your eye on.

3. The DIY Witches: One way to really push the limits and do something special on Go Skate Day is to hit up the local DIY spots. These challenging builds are always a good time and since they are usually in a secluded area or under a bridge, you can escape the summer heat with good company.

Marisa Garcia
Marisa with a feeble at a local DIY.

4. Contest Stoke: Go Skate Day is an opportunity for local skate shops to host events and contests at your local parks. It’s cool because you have the chance to show off your skills and maybe even walk away with some prizes! While the word “contest” may be used, these events are always tons of fun and more about people getting stoked on gnarly tricks and crazy runs.

5. The Things Less Skated: If you want to go really gnarly for Go Skate Day, see what pools or vert ramps you can skate. While these things are few and far between in some places, others have access to these burly gems. If you or your friends know of these places, see if skating them on Sunday is a possibility (and remember to always ask and respect a spot!).

Brianna Vance
Brianna does a fake ollie’s on a vert ramp.

6. Traveling Caravan: If local isn’t something you want to do, pack up a car full of your buddies and hit the road! Lots of people want something new for Go Skate Day, so traveling to a different city (or even a different state) might be your best bet. Not only do you get to spend tons of time with your best friends on a trip, but you can explore whatever you want, no planning needed (just some gas money)!

7. The City Mob: Most cities for go skate day will rally up a ridiculously large amount of skaters and just mob down the streets. Tons of places set up an event like this so check out social media posts to see when your city locals are planning to start!

8. Cruising Babes: Go Skate Day isn’t just for people who skate street or transition. This is a day for everyone, so if you’re still learning or simply just like to cruise, don’t be shy and join in! Push around with friends, join the city mob, or just coast the ocean side–skating is what you make it, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it!

California vibes with some rad cruiser boards
Deja O. and Shekinah B. showing off their California vibes and rad cruiser boards.

9. Constant Supporter: Even if you don’t skate, you can definitely still participate in Go Skate Day! Hanging out with skater friends, taking photos/filming, and being a part of the great memories doesn’t require a skateboard, just friendships. Being connected to the skate world includes those who show support, so join in and share the fun moments.

It’s important to remember what Go Skate Day is all about. People all over the world get stoked on this day and join together to share the universal language of skateboarding. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you identify as, or where you come from because we are all skateboarders and we all speak the same language.  So this June 21st remember, it’s more than just “Go Skate Day”, it’s a day that reminds us all of the positive impact skateboarding has on people everywhere and how that has brought us all together.

Stay Rad!

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