3 Things BE THE RAD & Thanksgiving Day Have In Common



Thanksgiving is here and as we prepare to stuff our grills like we haven’t eaten in days I want to take a minute to get deep. I started thinking about why I love thanksgiving so much. It’s definitely not the food cause I am a vegetarian but I did come up with 3 things, which unsurprisingly are also things that make up what 3 Thirty is all about.

(Left Katy from KD Jewelry w/3 Thirty’s Krystal; Upper right ambassador Emma w/Krystal; Lower right Jordan aka Skatingfashionista)

We are super thankful for all the rad babes and dudes that support 3 Thirty. We have been blessed with not only amazing ambassadors, team riders, fans and new friends but we have also received love from other rad companies like KD Jewelry, Pink Widow Distributions, SillyGIrl Skateboards and Wise Fool. It’s been a crazy Journey since starting 3 Thirty in 2013 but having the support from rad companies and fans have made it not only easier on us but ridiculously fun. In the many years to come for 3 Thirty, our gratitude for our friendships will keep us humble and keep us pushing! #staythankful



(3 Thirty’s Julianne grubbing on donuts after volunteer at Exposure Skate)

Okay, let’s be real! Whatever the rad do, whether it’s hiking, surfing, skating, swimming, paddle boarding, dancing, yoga, working out, etc, we are super active! That means we burn calories — which means we LOVE to GRUB!!!! We like to eat healthy of course BUT just like we go nuts on Thanksgiving Day, we like to indulge on the fatty foods every now and then too!  Like — CAKE, DONUTS, ICE CREAM, SLURPIES, PIZZA, FRIES…. the list can go on and on. So this thanksgiving, make your session of indulgence guilt free with a quick session of being active before or after. The grub will taste that much sweeter!!

4(Thanksgiving 2014. Left to right 3 Thirty’s Kelsy and Deirdre serving thanksgiving dinner @ Senior Center)

I get stoked every time I talk about what 3 Thirty is all about. It’s not just about doing rad things but doing things that make us rad — like picking up trash as you walk along your favorite hiking path, or being kind to others in the line up, or helping others less fortunate then you. Thanksgiving is about not only remembering to be thankful but showing your gratitude — by giving back.

Now we point the camera at you! What does your Thanksgiving Day have in common with 3 Thirty?

Tell us in the comments or show us with photos. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Regardless, always remember and live each day by our motto:

“Be The Rad You Want To See In The World”

Stay Rad!

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