There is something magical that happens to the soul when one wanders. The experience one gains, the sense of adventure that grows, and the awareness that can be cultivated are, in my opinion, the most wonderful results of exploring the world and meeting new people. Add in having a happy and healthy body, plus fostering goodwill and you get Soul Wanderful.


The Mission

Hi Tribe. My name is Krystal Rose and I am the creator of the Soul Wanderful lifestyle. Over the years, as I travel to more countries and talked to more like-minded people with different cultures and backgrounds, I have learned that for true change, lifestyles and mindsets of communities must evolve and be active in taking action. Change cannot happen by simply having a nice idea or by sending out positive vibes. It needs to be incorporated into one's lifestyle and be supported by a like-minded community.

Soul Wanderful promotes a lifestyle that encourages a highten sense of consciousness of our impact on the world, that fosters healthy mind and body, and encourages exploring the world in a sustainable way. Soul Wanderful also highlights people, causes, and organizations that are active and or innovative in creating positive change in the world.

  • Travel widens the traveler's perceptions of new cultures, cultivates ideas, and builds character.
  • A healthy body enables mobility, energy, and the proper functionality to work well and live an active, and adventurous life.
  • Awareness of eco-friendly, ethical, and cruelty-free products enable sustainable living.
  • A positive mindset can cultivate a more satisfying life and sense of joy and contentment.
  • Goodwill strengthens the soul, creates positive energy, and enlightens the mind.

These are the five elements that Soul Wanderful focuses on through sharing stories and advice, highlighting people and organizations, and hosting events and retreats that enable the Soul Wanderful life.

In 2019, there will be opportunities for Soul Wanderful members to join in on "goodwill retreats" where they will get some tools and support to practice living a more mindful and healthy life as well as gain the opportunity to explore a foreign land and provide aid to impoverished communities.


The Evolution

The concept of Soul Wanderful is an evolvement of my previous cause-based community called BE THE RAD.The mission of BE THE RAD was to promote and empower individuals to live an active outdoor lifestyle and do good along the way. The mantra, " BE THE RAD YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD" has inspired many to do small and big actions in their environment to create positive change.